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The most easiest and convenient way to become a cashless person. If you have credit or debit card then you can make all the payments i.e. both offline and online through these cards.

Credit card or debit card is another cashless payment method. The usage of credit card and debit card was limited in India. However, usage of credit card and debit card is increasing now. The limitation of this payment method is an availability of swipe card facility (PoS) at merchant end.

Use of Debit cards and Credit Cards in India is also not something which is new and has been there for a long time. Most of the people who have a bank account also have a debit card but they may or may not have used it till now.

However, as the new currency is taking time to reach to everyone, many people have started using Debit Cards for payment. The merchant to whom the payment is being made should have a card receiving machine and the payment would be made instantly once you swipe the card without any risk of payment fault.