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Your appointment is subject to the following terms and conditions:


You shall be paid salary and the detail of salary is annexed hereto as Annexure 1.


Your full flagged role and responsibilities detailed is annexed hereto as Annexure 2.


You have to achieve monthly fixed targets the detailed is annexed hereto as Annexure 3.


You will be on probation for a period of three months. Confirmation in service is subject to your performance being assessed as satisfactory. The probation is likely to be extended at the discretion of the management, subject to there being no more one extension. If at the end of extended period also the performance is assessed as not satisfactory, there will be no further extension and the service would stand terminated. The Management reserves to itself the right to terminate at anytime during the probation without notice or without salary in lieu of notice and without assigning any reason.


Your working hours will be as follows:

Monday to Saturday: Morning 10 to Evening 6:30

Lunch Break: half hrs

  • You may be required to work additional hours of work when necessitated by situations.

  • Leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right. Any kind of leave can be granted or refused depending upon the business demands.
  • The calendar year for leave is from January to December.
  • All leave record of the employees shall be maintained by HR.
  • All leaves should be applied before proceeding on leave. In case of emergency when leave cannot be applied in advance, telephonic intimation to the immediate reporting manager should be done and it must be regularized with 2days of resuming duty.
  • Leaves will be credited to employees account in the beginning of calendar year i.e. January.
  • Employees will be eligible for earned leave only after completion of probationary period.
  • An employee shall not proceed on leave until unless leave has been approved by immediate reporting manager.
  • Leave without approval will be considered as Leave without Pay.
  • Weekends and any holiday lying between the sanctioned leave periods will be excluded and not be counted as leave in case of casual and earned leave.
Types of Leave
  • Casual Leave - 8
  • Sick Leave - 4
  • Privilege Leave - 8
  • Your roles and responsibilities will be informed by your H.O.D
  • During working hours, you shall use your energies and abilities to serve the company faithfully. You shall comply with the rules, regulations and procedures as notified by the company, in letter and spirit.
  • You shall not, without the company’s prior written consent, be in any way directly or indirectly engaged or concerned with any other business or employment during or outside your hours of work in the company.
  • You shall at all time, maintain exemplary conduct and modesty. You shall uphold honesty and integrity in all your actions.
  • You shall honors and comply with all rules and regulations of the company and statutory requirements in letter and spirit.
  • You shall maintain utmost secrecy with regard to confidential and proprietary information’s relating to the organization. This information includes and is not limited to trade secrets, technical process, finance and dealing with information relating to employees, suppliers, agents, distributors.
  • You shall not, during your employment and at all times, thereafter, directly or indirectly use or disclose confidential information except for the sole benefit of the company. This restriction shall cease to apply when it may come into the public domain otherwise than through unauthorized disclosure by you or such information which you shall be obliged to disclose by law.
  • You shall not take copies of confidential documents or information for your own purpose and forthwith upon termination, you shall return to the company all documents, record, accounts in any form (Including electronic, mechanical, photographic and optic recording) relating to matters concerning the business or dealing or affairs to the company.
  • You shall not during your employment and at all times, thereafter do or say anything that may injure or directly damage the business of the company.
  • You shall maintain utmost confidentiality with regard to your compensation and benefits. You shall not discuss your compensation and benefits with anyone, but with the superiors you repot to.
Termination of Employment
  • Your service will be liable to the terminated by giving three months notice in writing on either side or payment in lieu of notice except for dismissal, discharge or termination for misconduct. Taking into consideration of the nature of your duty, it will be absolutely necessary for you to work of the company during the notice period and no leave will be sanctioned during the notice period.
Suspension of Employment
  • If at any time in our opinion, which is final in this matter you are found non – performer or guilty of fraud, dishonest, disobedience, disorderly behavior, negligence, indiscipline, absence from duty without permission or any other conduct considered by us deterrent to our interest or of violation of one or more terms of this letter, your services may be terminated without notice and on account of reason of any of the acts or omission the company shall be entitled to recover the damage from you.
Notice period

If any employee wants to leave the company then he/she has to inform at least 90 days before of the leaving date.

  • You will be governed by general rules of conduct discipline, leave, holidays, hours of work and other issues that may be informed to you from time to time at the sole discretion of the management and you shall abide by such service conditions which are in force or shall come into force at any time.

We welcome you to the Cashless Association Technology family and look forward to a fruitful collaboration.

Kindly sign in duplicate copy enclosed as a token of your acceptance of the terms and conditions of employment.