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Essential information is being reported with great pleasure that the Cashless Technology Association which has successfully completed its tenure in 2016 to 31st March of 2020 as we all know that the Association was first registered with the Government of Telangana under the Society Act which was permanently authorized through Cashless Life Technology Association Which is registered with MCA.Presently Association lead by their directors and more than 9 Directors will be requited as on priority from Pan India. All our centers & services points, permanent or temporary members and regular employees will have to strictly follow the Updated Report & work guidance given below.

Annexa C:

Work Terms of Members

  • Members with AMC holder denotes Project Head, Center Head and Freelancers.
  • All Active members will give a written consignment for his work. And they will active for their work which will provide by CEO/ President of the association.
  • There is a code of conduct for this work responsibility. Active Members will also sign on the C.O.C
  • Members can get his earned commission from the association on their direct Bank account. TDS process shall follow as central Govt. instruct.
  • Most Important for Members they can claim their earned commission within next business day as on priority base.
  • Association recruited more than Board of Directors from Members Team.
  • More Income Opportunity: as per Members active centers maintained by also self with AMC process. Now they can add their regular income with engage center revenue.
  • Working place reporting time 9 AM –to 2 PM
  • Project Head shall produce their designated job role as being leader character with 10% Incentive of center earned amount.
    • Members shall provide support and training for Allocated center minimum active term with 70 % achievement.
    • Weekly base report and live conduct note also review at the same time allocated centers appraisal shall attach.
  • The financial backbone of the world has been shattered by the way in which human civilization has been shaken by the catastrophic COVID 19 . The Association has always stood by all the families of the organization through various advance notices. The association has decided to reopen all its Center & Zone Office from 3rd June 2020, following all the movements and orders of the government. The members' organization has been kind enough to help the organization get back to normal by increasing the speed of its performance contribution.

For claim pending payments, collect the arrears form website. Dully fill & sign the same then submit to Accounts Department. The analysis of arrears is as follows:

SL NO Description Payment schedule
1. Feb'20 wages 15th June'20
2. March'20 + Jun'20 wages 1 0th July'20
3. April'20 +July'20 wages 10th Aug'20
4. May'20 + Aug'20 wages 2nd Sept'20