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With the digital payment revolution, QR code, expanded as quick response code, is gaining steam as a popular method of cashless payment. QR code can be used to make various types of payments including utility bills, grocery, food, travel, petrol and the like. There are many payment apps and mobile wallets in the market that allow customers to make payments via QR codes. Bharat QR is popular examples of apps that allow QR code payment. To pay through this method all you need to do is ‘Scan and Pay’. Cashless Life app has also has ‘Scan and Pay’ faciities.

How QR Code Works ?

A QR code is basically a two-dimensional type of barcode that can store information in an encoded format. QR code payment is enabled through a smartphone, using which, a customer can scan a QR code to make a payment to any merchant outlet or online stores, etc. After scanning the QR code, the customer will have to key in the transaction amount. After this, the bank account of the user is debited and the merchant is paid directly.

What is Bharath QR code ?

In an effort to give a push to digital payments in the country, the Government of India launches the Bharath QR code. In order to make a payment using this, a customer will have to install the required bank app or BHIM app on a smartphone. To make payments at merchant outlets, open the app, scan QR code and make payment. Post QR code scanning, enter the transaction amount and the four-digit password.

Benefits of QR Code Payments

  • The transaction cost is much lesser while making payments through this method when compared to other forms of payments
  • Easy, hassle free and convenient
  • Less time consuming
  • In terms of business owners, the use of QR code eliminates the need to purchase a Point of Sale Machine. Therefore, there is no need for any special equipment.
  • It is a very safe and secure interface for payments